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Air Filtration

To make your selection process as easy and straightforward as possible we have split our range of air filters into groups which will enable you to go direct to the filters that you require. You will see the relevant products together with product information, photographs and technical sheets.

Cardboard Filters - Our unique range of Procart pleated extraction filters and Procart KH multi layer rolled paper filters for using in all types of spray booth and product preparation areas. Our range will ensure that you are using the most suited filter for your requirements.

Media & Glass Fibre - Rolled filtration media and woven synthetic fibre which gives you the option to filter both air being extracted from your booth and air being forced or pulled into your spray booth or preparation area.

Panel Filters - Our panel filters are of two main designs; the first a fibreglass panel and the second is a pleated panel. Both of these designs are available in different thickness and a wide range of standard sizes and we are able to make panels to your own particular size if required.

HEPA Filters - High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are used to create superior indoor air quality for industries that require the highest level of air filtration such as pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, electronics and food production.

Bag Filters - An extended surface filter in which the medium is formed into pockets or bags which may be self-supporting or supported by the air flow through them.

Compact Filters - Used to replace all types of bag filters (grades M6-F9) currently being used. The filters, with a 25mm head frame, can be retro-fitted into all types of air-flow installation and will reduce your running costs by lower energy consumption, high dust retention and longer effective working lifespan.

If you are uncertain which filter you should select then just let us know and we will help you.