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Air Filtration

To make your selection process as easy and straightforward as possible we have split our air filters in to the four main groups. This should enable you to go direct to the group of filters that you require where you will see the relevant products together with product information, photographs and technical sheets.

Most widely used as extraction filters within spray booths and product preparation areas. This section introduces you to our unique range of PROCART filters which includes concertina filters, our KH range of multi layer rolled filter and our new KH P bag panels.
The main purpose of our cardboard filters is to capture the maximum amount of airborne paint, glue or dust particles whilst maintaining airflow. This is often overlooked when deciding upon the best type of filtration but maintaining airflow is vital for a well operating booth. Our cardboard filters maintain airflow by holding the captured particles away from the airflow therefore it is not blocked. This means that these filters have a high paint holding capacity and a longer lifespan than alternative types of filtration.

In this group you will find our rolled filtration media which includes our glass fibre material and woven synthetic fibre which gives you the option to filter both extraction and input air.
Our range of glass fibre media includes the standard Profibre, which is normally used for the filtering of extraction air within some types of spray booth, our Propora that is specifically designed for the capture of water-based paint particles and our new offering Progiallo that is impregnated with a gel which allows it to capture and hold coarse dust and paint particles. Our range of woven synthetic media can be used as an extraction filter and input filter but our Protop rolls are purely for the filtering of air entering a booth and offers the highest level filtration required for high quality product finishing.

Our panels can be used to filter particulates from the air leaving a spray booth or product preparation area as well as filtering the air that is entering an area. Our range of panel filters are of two main designs; the first a fibreglass panel and the second is a pleated panel. Both of these designs are available in different thickness and a wide range of standard sizes and we are able to make panels to your own particular size if required. Our panels are supplied in a cardboard frame although we do have pleated panels available in galvanised metal frames should this be required for your installation.
Our glass fibre panels should generally be used for air extraction as the fibres are too loose to capture and hold the very small particles that are normally found in the air entering an area. Our range includes different types of pleated panels which offer different filtration qualities for use in different areas meaning that pleated panels can be used to filter air entering an area (air input) and the air leaving an area however they are generally not used as a primary extraction filter.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are used to create superior indoor air quality for industries that require the highest level of air filtration such as pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, electronics and food production. HEPA panels are designed to not only trap dust particulates but also fungi, bacteria and viruses which creates air which is as good as sterilised.
As with our range of standard panels, our HEPA filters are available in different designs that will ensure you are getting the right level of filtration. All of our HEPA filters are made to measure so you can be sure that you will have the perfect fit.

If you are uncertain which filter you should select then just let us know and we will help you.