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Compact Panel Filter 1

Compact Filters

Our range of Compact filters can be used to replace all types of bag filters (grades M6-F9) currently being used. The filters, with a 25mm head frame, can be retro-fitted into all types of air-flow installation and will reduce your running costs by lower energy consumption, high dust retention and longer effective working lifespan.

The filters are made of a rigid moulded ABS plastic frame, for maximum weight to strength ratio, which makes for quick and easy removal and replacement and the mini-pleat fibreglass media pack is bonded into the frame to ensure the constant pleat spacing and optimum airflow.

These represent a technological step forward when compared to the now traditional bag filters. Designed to be used in more difficult installations such as variable airflow or air volume, high air volume, high humidity or occasional exposure to water which are areas where bag filters are currently used but where their performance is less than exemplary.


  • Pre-filters for clean rooms
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Industrial processes


  • high performance filter
  • Long life with better total cost of ownership
  • Lightweight and robust filter construction
  • Very low power consumption and high dust holding capacity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Can be used at temperatures between 80 and 100ºC
  • Large filtration surface
  • All materials used in these filters are non-corrosive
  • Rigid structure makes for easy installation and replacement

Our Compact range are available in efficiencies from ePM1 to ePM10 and are manufactured in accordance with ISO16890.

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Compact Panel Filter 1
Compact V4

Designed for more difficult installation conditions, such as variable air volume, high humidity or exposure to water.

From£48.29 (ex. VAT)
Multiple sizes available