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Cleaning brickwork
ECO-Klean 260

Powerful surface de-greaser for the deep cleaning of building facades, brickwork & roofs.

£35.00 (ex. VAT)
Clean farm buildings
Agronet DDM

Powerful surface degreaser and cleaner that can be used on farm buildings and roofs as well as for cleaning spray equipment.

£57.75 (ex. VAT)
Multiple sizes available
Kitchen cleaner
Kitchen 260

Powerful, ready to use, descaling detergent in gel form. Ideal for degreasing and cleaning kitchens, especially around air extraction.

£30.00 (ex. VAT)
Cleaning Industrial Floor
Rubber-EX 105

Specialist cleaning solution for removing traces of rubber, from industrial floors, normally left by handling equipment.

£35.00 (ex. VAT)
Disinfect factory
Q-Net 150

Concentrated disinfectant to deep clean all types of surface including those in contact with food.

From£7.96 (ex. VAT)
up to 20% Off!
Chemical toilet cleaner
Aqua Klean

Easy to use & powerful additive for your chemical toilet tank to keeps your tank clean, prevent gas formation & remove bad odors.

From£6.50 (ex. VAT)
Multiple sizes available
Cleaning render
ECO-Klean 100

Strong, ecological, descaling detergent for the cleaning of buildings and other external surfaces

From£9.25 (ex. VAT)