Surface Treatment

Degreasing and surface preparation are, probably, the most important part of a production line. It doesn't matter how good your production or product finishing, if the preparation isn't of high quality then you are going to face long-term issues. Our range of degreasing, phosphating and surface preparation products are of the highest quality, coupled with our experience we are able to help you improve the overall quality of your preparation as well as reduce your costs by lowering working temperatures, product concentrations or increasing the lifespan of your treatment tanks.

ECO-Klean - Degreaser 10 litres

New generation, solvent free degreasing liquid for all types of surface

Detartrol TS

Scale and oil removal for degreasing tanks and systems. Choice of container size available.


Powerful surface degreaser and cleaner that can be used on building facades and roofs.


Degreasing and phosphate of steel or light alloys in a tank or by pressure washer. Can be used at ambient temperature.


Degrease and etch light alloy surfaces such as aluminium

Netphos HP - 23kg

Netphos HP is a phosphating degreaser for use in spray tunnels or treatment tanks

Pronet TS4 20-litre

Detergent additive for both acidic and alkaline degreasing solutions.

Wound Filter Cartridge 5 microns 30 inch

Wound polypropylene filter cartridges for the filtration of water bourne waste solids.

Abso Oil BPM

High performance absorbent cushion for oils, degreasing tank contaminants and metal cutting fluids.