Procart HB Super

Spray booth filter with extra high filtration efficiency for your spray booth or product preperation area.

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Each £12·00 exc VAT
Total £12·00 exc VAT

Procart HS is a super high efficiency spray booth filter, that enjoys the same superior quality of manufacture as the rest of the booth filters within our Procart range.

This makes The Procart HS ideal for many paint types in nearly all spray booth designs. The folded accordion design ensures a high holding capacity whilst maintaining maximum airflow but with the added security of a very high-quality secondary filtration layer. These extra high efficiency spray booth filters will ensure that the air from within your product finishing area is filtered effectively even when faced with very 'dry & dusty' paint, high extraction speeds or when you must spray in close proximity to the filters.

Our Procart HS is designed to handle both water-based & solvent paints as well as powder paints and even dust. As with our Procart filters, the paint overspray is captured in the folds of the filter both on the face and inside the folds however paint or dust particles, that are either too light or dry to be captured in these areas, are held in the secondary high level filtration media which ensures a constant airflow is maintained for much longer than when using other types of extraction filtration. This secondary layer is measured at 150g/m2 which gives excellent filtration where required.

The Procart HS is the ideal filter option if you have a booth high higher airflow, use very 'dusty' paint, use a mixture of wet & dry paints or must achieve a very high filtration quality due to certain exterior restrictions such as nearby car parks or housing. This is the filter to use if you have any concerns at all with the quality of air that is leaving your spray booth.

  • DEPTH: 63mm
  • PRESSURE DROP: 13 PA at 0.5 m/s
  • LOSS OF AIRSPEED AT NEW: 0.5mm for 0.75 m/s (4.91 PA)
  • MAXIMUM LOSS OF AIRSPEED: 9.0mm for 0.75 m/s (88.3 PA)
  • DIMENSIONS: 0.5 x 4-metres per box

Why are these filters shorter than your other Procart filters?

The Procart H Super has a much thicker backing layer than either our Procart H or Procart M2 meaning that we can't get as much filter into a box.

Does the cardboard face forwards or backwards?

The cardboard always faces into the booth so forwards. When you are spraying you should be looking at the cardboard face of the filter NOT the fibre. The fibre is the secondary filtration layer and the cardboard is the primary filtration layer.