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Proclean 14

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£48.50 (ex.VAT)


Remove all traces of many construction coatings from spraying equipment including many types of sealing products.

10 litres
Product Code: 9948
£48.50 ex.VAT
£58.20 inc.VAT

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Proclean 14 is a specialist cleaning agent, designed to be used with many types of coating used within the construction industry, such as acrylic sealants, as well as many other types of water-based paints or lacquers.

A pH neutral water-based emulsion, particularly effective for cleaning the application equipment, such as compression sprayers and nozzles without damaging any component materials. Due to its composition, Proclean 14 can be used with the application equipment used to apply both water and solvent based coatings, which can traditionally be a problem to clean. It is much more powerful than using thinners, xylene etc. and can also reduce VOC usage.

Depending upon the coating it is being used to clean, Proclean 14 should be used in either its neat form (acrylic etc.) through to 90% dilution in normal water, meaning that it is very economical.

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