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Anti Rust Metal Protection

Solvapro PMD

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£38.00 (ex.VAT)


Solvapro PMD will protect both ferrous and non ferrous metal parts against corrosion during prolonged storage especially in humid or salty atmospheres.

10 litres
Product Code: 9953
£38.00 ex.VAT
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Product Description

Solvapro PMD is a mineral solution for the protection, after machining, of ferrous and non ferrous metal parts. Solvapro PMD increase water displacement which will give protection against corrosion in humid or salty atmospheres.

Solvapro PMD is very easily eliminated with neutral, acid or alkaline detergents, in a water based solution as well as solvent and does not pollute a phosphate degreasing bath.

Appearence: Brown liquid
Viscosity @ 30oC: 1.53 mm2/s
Flashpoint Open Cup: 68oC
Coverage: 3m2 per litre depending upon surface

Solvapro PMD can be either sprayed onto the items or used as a bath into which the items are dipped.

Average protection time when the treated items are stored under cover is between 6-8 months and 3-4 months when stored outside.

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