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Ferrox Inox Straps

Back Straps for Ferrox and Inox Sprayers

Product information

£97.64 (ex.VAT)


Back pack for Mesto metal and Profi sprayers

Back Straps for Ferrox and Inox Sprayers
Product Code: 0155
£97.64 ex.VAT
£117.17 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This is a very clever carrying system for our Mesto range of compression sprayers. The design of this backpack evenly distributes the weight of the sprayer and its contents, spreading it between your back, shoulders and hips thus making continuous spraying or longer spraying periods less stressful for the operator.

This is a very well designed and constructed pack with high quality straps, clips and padding. The pack is easy to attach to your sprayer with a spanner being the only tools required.

Pack Details:

  • Height:54cm
  • Width:35cm
  • Depth:6cm
  • Weight:1.95kg

This pack is designed to be used with the following sprayers: