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Group 10
Mestolancebrass 1

Brass Double Nozzle Spray Wand

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£42.02 (ex.VAT)


Two brass hollow cone nozzles on adjustable arms

Brass Double Nozzle Spray Wand
Product Code: 0259
£42.02 ex.VAT
£50.42 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Originally designed for horticultural and agricultural use such as spraying the underside of a plant leaf when grown in rows, this double nozzle spray wand has many uses when spraying non-corrosive products.

Two hollow cone nozzles are fitted to brass extension arms that can be adjusted, by bending, to meet your spray requirements. This double spray wand will fit to all the sprayers within our Mesto range therefore both the compression sprayers and knapsack sprayers.

Whilst the lance is fitted with hollow cone nozzles it doesn't mean that you can't change them for another design. As you know, we have a full range of nozzles including adjustable, fan and a range of hollow cones in different sizes.