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Brick Acid SP Strip

SP-Strip Cement Cleaner

Product information

£5.99 - £42.50 (ex.VAT)


Strong acidic cleaner, suitable for brick and stone surfaces, removes dirt, oil and cement staining.


Product Code: 0271
£5.99 ex.VAT
£7.19 inc.VAT

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Product Description

SP-Strip is a powerful brick, stone & paver cleaner which removes oil and cement staining as well as blooming on brickwork, general dirt and other staining from your exterior surfaces. SP-Strip is designed to provide a clean surface prior to the application of Baticlean CR and a sealer if required.

This brick cleaning acid is also very effective at removing 'salt blooming' (white marking) from brickwork. Once the blooming has been removed and the area rinsed we advise coating the area with HydroSil BS to prevent both blooming and moss/algae returning.

We recommend that once the surface has been cleaned, it is treated with Concentrated Moss & Algae Killer - Baticlean CR.