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Cleaning brickwork

ECO-Klean 100

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£9.25 - £60.00 (ex.VAT)


Strong, ecological, descaling detergent for the cleaning of buildings and other external surfaces.


Product Code: 0189
£9.25 ex.VAT
£11.10 inc.VAT

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Product Description

ECO-Klean 100 is a versatile, organic detergent that is certified both Ecocert and Ecolabel. ECO-Klean 100 contains a very effective surfactant that increases the cleaning power making it a very effective product even at room temperature.

The high wetting and penetrating power, of ECO-Klean100, emulsifies animal fats, petroleum oils which makes this an extremely effective product for the removal of atmospheric pollution from building facades, roofs, walls and floor areas. The unique formulation means that rinsing is not a necessity so unless your cleaning method requires rinsing you are able to save both time and water.

You are also safe to apply around aluminium doors and windows as it will not attack non-ferrous metals however we always recommend treating a test patch prior to commencement of large scale treatment.

As Eco-Klean 100 is a high-quality product it should be used in a professional manor. It is an alkaline product therefore it is recommended to avoid prolonged contact with skin and proper protective equipment should be worn.