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Pleated Carbon Panel 1

Pleated Carbon Panel Filter

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£5.01 - £30.71 (ex.VAT)


G4 Pleated Carbon Spray Booth Filter - ideal for solvent fumes



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This carbon pleated panel filter is a synthetic disposable product which is coated in highly active powdered activated carbon. The filter can be used in any existing panel filter application where some odour reduction and fume absorption is required. It is designed to remove light industrial smells and particles of 5+ microns from your spray booth air or in an air supply which is drawn from busy road areas, car parks or from under flight paths. The carbon coated pleated filter media is housed in a water repellent cardboard frame which makes them both light as well as strong and easy to handle.

The heaviest AquaKote is used at 710 microns. The Elmendorf wet tear strength is rated at 6963mN. The adhesive used is formulated to maintain adhesion even if wet. The
expanded steel backing to the media is designed to provide maximum support whilst
offering minimal airflow resistance.

- made from 100% polyester plus 100% carbon addon.
- graduated density to provide greater depth loading of dirt
- non toxic and non irritant
- exceptional dust holding capacity
- very low pressure drop
- cost effective
- available in any size made to measure

G4 EN779:2012

We do not stock all sizes of this sort of air filter on our shelves to prevent deterioration and so some are manufactured to order. Please enquire about stock if time is an issue and allow at least 3 weeks if necessary.

The filter is coated carbon. We also supply bonded carbon panels for higher quality.