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Rounded Brush with Telescopic Handle

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£84.26 (ex.VAT)


Cleaning rounded sweeping brush with a telescopic handle that gives a reach of up to 4-metres.

Rounded Brush with Telescopic Handle
Product Code: 0706
£84.26 ex.VAT
£101.11 inc.VAT

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Cleaning brooms and heads come with our 4-metre reach telescopic broom handle for cleaning hard to reach areas.

This cleaning high-low angled 10 inch (260mm) brush has a medium strength bristle with a telescopic handle up to 4 metres length - ideal for awkward areas.

Attach any of our cleaning broom heads, to create a broom with long reach for many tasks in difficult to reach areas. Ideal tasks include the cleaning of exterior walls from the ground or brushing away dead moss from roofs once treated.

Handle extends between 1.3-metres to 4-metres.