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Water Micro Filtration

Epuroil GM


Our Epuroil GM will allow you to increase the life of your surface treatment & rinse water with this micro-filtration unit. It consists of two pressurised filtration chambers, the first for micro-filtration and the second purification of your treatment & rinse water.

Single System
Product Code: 0627

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Product Description

Our Epuroil GM is a micro filtration unit for all types of industrial degreasing and rinse water. Generally used as part of a closed cleaning circuit the unit can help you to greatly reduce the volume of fresh water and treatment chemicals you use as the Epuroil will allow you to recycle your treatment & rinse water.

Use the Epuroil to pump water from your treatment tank, filter oils & contaminants then return the clean water. The unit can do the same thing for your rinse water, purifying it which will reduce water consumption and allow for higher quality rinsing.

The Epuroil is a compact and mobile station for the decontamination of effluents loaded with oils and pollutants of various kinds:

1 micro-filtration chamber equipped with coil or filter sock (modular solution)
1 purification chamber equipped with a sock containing easily removable absorbent material (ABSO-OIL B GM)
1 highly reliable pump (can work at pH between 0 and 14)
Low compressed air consumption
Ease of maintenance and loading.
Excellent micro-filtration capacity.
Low maintenance cost.

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Increase the life of your surface treatment & rinse water with this micro-filtration unit. Two pressurised chambers: micro-filtration and purification.