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Degreasing alloys

Passivate TS 105

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Passivate TS 105 is a corrosion inhibitor to be used following a neutral, acid or alkaline degreasing wash or used in a final rinse tank.


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Passivate TS 105 is a concentrated water based solution that enables the temporary protection of ferrous metals after they have been degreased, stripped or machined. It can be applied to reinforce anti corrosion properties in alkaline, neutral or acid degreasing tanks or used in final rinse tanks. Passivate TS 105 is non residual which enables the application of an organic coating after treatment such as powder or liquid paint.


APPEARANCE: Colourless liquid

FLAMMABILITY: Non flammable

pH: 12.8

DENSITY: 1.05 g/cm3 at 20C

SOLUBILITY: Total in water


Degreasing Tank: Passivate TS 105 should be used at a concentration between 0.2%-5% and at a working temperature of 30°C to 60°C. The concentration should vary according to the level of adherence required for the final process.

Rinse Tank: Passivate TS 105 should be at a concentration between 0.1%-1%, at a working temperature between 15°C to 30°C with a contact time between 1-3 minutes.

After treatment, parts should be dried, either with compressed air or with warm air and should not be rinsed.

Our responsibility does not extend to any application or use not conforming with our instructions.

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