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Aspifloc TS HP

Aspifloc TS HP


Degrease, phosphate, filtration and recycling within one system. When used in conjunction with a steam cleaner or pressure washer our Aspifloc TS HP allows not only high quality cleaning but the recycling of the the treatment water. Greatly reduce or even eliminate the disposal of water by cleaning and reusing it.

Single System
Product Code: 0280

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Additional details

Product Description

  • Very significant reduction in water consumption by 40% as well as treatment chemicals
  • Response to environmental standard - zero discharge
  • Optimisation of degreasing quality (titration of the active ingredient in the bath)
  • Complete and total cleaning of all sizes and shapes of parts
  • Very quick return on investment - between 9 and 28 months depending on the frequency of use
  • Compact, low energy consumption and easy to implement
  • Great versatility on all types of application for washing and degreasing in the mechanical industry and surface treatment (degreasing before painting, degreasing, stripping before maintenance)

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