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Aspifloc TS HP2

Aspifloc TS HP2


Degrease, phosphate, filtration and recycling within one large capacity system. When used in conjunction with a steam cleaner or pressure washer our Aspifloc TS HP allows not only high quality cleaning but the recycling of the the treatment water. Greatly reduce or even eliminate the disposal of water by cleaning and reusing it.

Single System
Product Code: 0281

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Additional details

Product Description

  • During degreasing and high pressure washing, reuse of the solution in a closed circuit
  • Reduction of water consumption by more than 95%
  • Reduction in the consumption of degreasing and phosphating agents by more than 90%
  • Removal of pollution, during degreasing of parts before repair or before painting
  • Automatic management of all functions
  • Optimization of the process (constant dosage of degreasing products)
  • Total compliance with discharge standards
  • Quick return on investment

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