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Detartrol 200

Product information

£8.25 - £75.60 (ex.VAT)


Descale & stain remover for steel, stainless (inox), copper and aluminium.Choice of container size available.


Product Code: 1509
£8.25 ex.VAT
£9.90 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Detartrol 200 will eliminate carbonates, magnesium and oxides which will all contribute to the formation of deposits and build-up, causing all the drawbacks of a lack of circulation and heat exchange.

Containing descaling agents, stain removers and sequestering agents, Detartrol 200 will remove the build-up of scale and staining but it also includes corrosion inhibitors that provide steel with over 98% protection.

  • Appearence - colourless liquid
  • pH - 1.1
  • Density - 1.1g/cm3 at 20oC
  • Solubility - total in water
  • Flammability - non-flammable