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Clean farm buildings

Agronet DDM

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£57.75 (ex.VAT)


Concentrated alkaline disinfectant with foaming properties. Can be used by food industry and around farm animals.

10 litre
Product Code: 2013
£57.75 ex.VAT
£69.30 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Agronet DDM is a highly concentrated foaming, alkaline disinfectant for that can be applied with a foaming sprayer, pressure washer or by hand. It has strong stain-removing and bleaching power at low concentrations.

Widely used to clean livestock holding areas as well as more generally around farm buildings and food production areas amongst many others:

  • Animal buildings - feeders, walls, floors & drinking areas
  • Transport vehicles - trailer floors & sides/curtains & ramps
  • Meat processing - floors, walls, manufacturing & processing equipment
  • Food canning - walls, floors & all manufacturing equipment
  • Milk processing - walls, floors & manufacturing equipment

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