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Our Bigfloc is designed as a support for our Aspifloc filtration sacks. It is both economical and is quick to install and can be used in all types of industries for the de-watering of sludge or metal shavings, etc.

Single System
Product Code: 0353

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Product Description

Our Bigfloc is a quick and space saving solution for the removal of suspended particles from all types of industrial water. The Aspifloc filtration sack will remove, after treatment, the suspended particles from all types of industrial water.

For many types of installation the industrial water will need to be treated in order to separate the solids so that they become suspended and able to be filtered and removed. Our Proco products should be added to the water in order that the separation can take place and the range of products allows for the treatment of all types of paint, glue etc.

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£33.00 (ex. VAT)