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Glass fibre filter 100 1

Profibre 100mm

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Paintstop spray booth filter roll generally used for air extraction within spray booths or manufacturing areas.


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£33.90 ex.VAT
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Our Profibre spray booth filter rolls are the most common and widely used form of fibreglass filtration. This green & white filtration material is used in many areas both as a primary and as a secondary filter for spray booth extraction as well as for filtering heavy dust and even, in some cases, air entering a booth or product preparation area.

Our filter rolls are constructed from progressively built glass fibre which gives a filter media that is designed primarily for the filtration of solvent based paint and lacquer-particles. We supply Profibre on rolls with a standard length measuring 20-metres. Standard width sizes range from 0.5-metres right up to 2-metres with the most common being a width of 1-metre giving 20m2 of booth filter per roll. Profibre is very easy to cut so can easily be made to fit any size of spray booth with very little effort. We would normally recommend that Profibre is used as an extraction filter as opposed to filtering the air entering an area as the density is not generally high enough to filter the fine dust particles carried in normal air.


Our PROPORA filtration rolls have been designed to be used with water-based paints/coatings. As this type of spray is very different from standard solvent-based products the filter has to be slightly different in order to maintain constant filtration.

If you use or are planning on using our Profibre or Propora rolls and have exceptionally dry & dusty spray then you could benefit from using PROTECNET (see accessories). This is a water-based spray that is designed to stay tacky and will attract & hold onto dust. We have many customers who have found that by spraying Protecnet onto their filtration roll they have been able to keep more of the dust held within the fibre. This is also a very good option if you are planning to use this medium as an input filter. Normally Profibre would not be a good option for filtering the air entering a spraying or preparation area as it is not dense enough to hold onto fine particles but with the use of Protecnet the fibre is able to hold onto very fine particles. Alternatively we can offer our PROCART K range that combines the benefits of a material on a roll with the absorbency and ease of use of our cardboard filters.

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