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Belt sprayer 2

GT 1.5 Hand Sprayer

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£36.00 (ex.VAT)


2.5 metre recoil hose & the ability to attach the sprayer to a belt makes this a unique, comfortable & convenient hand compression sprayer.

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Product Code: 0001
£36.00 ex.VAT
£43.20 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Our new GT 1.5 hand sprayer can be carried ergonomically on a belt which gives a very high level of comfort. The 2.5 metre spiral hose, high chemical resistant nozzle and lightweight shut-off valve ensures you have complete freedom of movement and a great range of movement.

The GT 1.5 is an ideal small sprayer for use within the construction industry, forestry, landscaping & gardening, pest control and professional cleaning. Being carried on a belt is especially helpful when working at height either from ladders, towers or scaffolding. As the photos show, the belt attachment not only allows the sprayer to be carried but also allows for the safe stowing of the trigger handle/stop valve.

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