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Hepa filter metal 1

HEPA Laminar Flow Filters

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Highest quality filtration generally used in all types of medical facility such as hospitals and laboratories also in public buildings, mycology (study & growing of mushrooms), clean rooms in manufacturing processes and in food production areas. Can also be used in animal agriculture to protect against such things as Bird Flu.

We only show certain stock sizes however we can made these HEPA filters to any custom size that you require so if you don't see the size that you need please just CONTACT US and we will he happy to discuss your requirements.


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Product Description

These Laminar Flow HEPA panel filters are used for absolute air filtration in controlled contamination environments and many types of clean room area.

Designed for the highest efficiency of air filtration the panels allow air to pass through micro-fine glass fibres, that form a paper-like surface, that traps impurities and removes them from the air circulation. HEPA filters are suitable for the pharmaceutical, food and electronic industries as well as medical and healthcare environments as they are designed to trap the smallest particles of dust and spores but also bacteria so they are ideal for clean rooms, neonatal incubators, medical laboratories and many more areas that require high quality, clean air.

Laminar Flow HEPA differ from our Turbulent Flow HEPA as they have a narrower profile so allow a smoother flow of air but have a lower air flow rate.

We can manufacture many sizes that are not available on the website so just contact us to enquire about availability if you are after a different size. Please note that we do not keep multiple sizes in stock to ensure optimum air efficiency so there may occasionally be a wait time. Again, just ask us for current stock levels.

Further information can be seen in the Technical Information section below and in our Knowledge Hub where you can learn a little about mycology & fungiculture.

Each filter Grade H13 and above is individually leak tested and certificates are issued. We can also test and certify to EN1822 if required. Every HEPA is issued with a unique serial number which allows full traceability right back to the filter media Batch and Roll. Each roll of HEPA filter media is individually tested and certified.


Filter Class - H13
Filters global efficiency % for MPPS particles - ≥ 99.95 %
Local Efficiency % for MPPS particles - 99.75%

Filter Class - H14
Filters global efficiency % for MPPS particles - ≥ 99.995 %
Local Efficiency % for MPPS particles - 99.98%

MEDIA - Glass fibre paper
SEPARATORS - Hot melt glue
FRAME - Anodized aluminium profile 68-115 mm deep or MDF wooden frame
FACE GUARDS - Metal frame has epoxy painted expanded aluminium grids on both sides. Special Grid lock keeps the mesh away from the filter pack. Not fitted as standard to wooden frame, optional extra.
SEALANT - Two components cold moulded polyurethane


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Laminar flow hoods for mushroom cultivation - full range

HEPA filters are used to create laminar flow hoods for mushroom cultivation. We can supply sizes made to measure for your installation.

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