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Hepa turbulent 3

HEPA Turbulent Flow Filters

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Highest quality filtration generally used in medical facilities and in food production such as mushroom growing. Thicker profile than Laminar HEPA which allows for greater air volume per hour but a less smooth flow. This is type of filter is very good for large product preparation areas, animal agriculture housing areas where the filters can be used against such things as Avian Flu also known as Bird Flu and medical manufacturing areas.


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Product Description

These Laminar Flow HEPA panel filters are used for absolute air filtration in controlled contamination environments and many types of clean room area.

Designed for the highest efficiency of air filtration the panels allow air to pass through micro-fine glass fibres, that form a paper-like surface, that traps impurities and removes them from the air circulation. HEPA filters are suitable for the pharmaceutical, food and electronic industries as well as medical and healthcare environments as they are designed to trap the smallest particles of dust and spores but also bacteria so they are ideal for clean rooms, neonatal incubators, medical laboratories and many more areas that require high quality, clean air.

Laminar Flow HEPA differ from our Turbulent Flow HEPA as they have a narrower profile so allow a smoother flow of air but have a lower air flow rate.

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