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Laser cutting 2


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£38.00 (ex.VAT)


High efficiency anti-adherent laser cutting lubricant.

10 litres
Product Code: 0262
£38.00 ex.VAT
£45.60 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Proteclas prevents the adherence of molten metallic projections during the laser cutting of ferrous and non ferrous metals. Due to its composition, even at high temperature, it does not dry out, does not emit smoke nor any toxic gases.

It leaves an anti-adherent and anti-corrosion film which is easily removed and, if using a de-greasing tank, Proteclas will not pollute your de-greasing solution.

After cutting, parts can be stored without risk of corrosion.

To use, simply fill the reservoir of the sprayer tank on the cutting machine or use a hand sprayer to spray the surface of the metal sheet before cutting.

Proteclas is pH neutral and is a clear yellow liquid.

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