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Garden Sprayer

Flori Compression Sprayer - 3 litre

Product information

£25.35 (ex.VAT)


The Flori Compact compression sprayer has 3 BAR working pressure and NBR seals.

Flori Compression Sprayer - 3 litre
Product Code: 0016
£25.35 ex.VAT
£30.42 inc.VAT

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Product Description

3 litre tank working capacity and a 1.3 metre hose mean that this is an ideal option for a sprayer to be used around the home and garden. NBR seals are long lasting and are designed to work with many, non corrosive, pH neutral chemical products.

This is the perfect sprayer for spraying your home garden and for spraying up to 3-metres from the ground. The 3-litre tank makes this a viable unit for small to medium sized gardens and it can be used with some of our extension wands/lances.

In addition to this, the Flori can be used with an air compressor. You would need to use either accessory 0649 or 0746 which takes the place of the sprayer pump handle and allows you to connect your Flori to a compressor which means that you would have a constant supply of compressed air.