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Plastic Foaming Nozzle Cleaner 0421

Plastic Foaming Nozzle - Cleaner Range

Product information

£1.45 (ex.VAT)


Foaming nozzle for use with our Mesto range of Cleaner sprayers.

Plastic Foaming Nozzle - Cleaner Range
Product Code: 0561
£1.45 ex.VAT
£1.74 inc.VAT

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Product Descrption

This plastic nozzle is easily fitted to the Cleaner hand sprayers making them into foaming sprayers. The nozzle simply fits over the standard nozzle, of the sprayer, and clicks into place. When the sprayer is filled with a foaming product, the nozzle changes the way that the solution exits the nozzle and allows it to foam.

With this type of nozzle you have the best of both worlds; a sprayer that gives the best spray results with both normal liquids and foaming solutions.