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£50.00 (ex.VAT)


For preparation of surfaces prior to painting without having to rub them down.

Netcoat - 10ltrs
Product Code: 0638
£50.00 ex.VAT
£60.00 inc.VAT

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Additional details

Netcoat is an agent designed to be applied directly to surfaces prior to painting. It gives a good hanging base for a paint or collage system, greatly speeding up industrial processes as surfaces do not need to be rubbed down.

Netcoat is supplied as a colourless liquid.

Quick drying.

Can be applied using a sprayer or by hand:

  • By sprayer -
    • Apply Netcoat to the surfaces using a sprayer and leave to work for 5-10 minutes
    • With a cloth dipped in Netcoat, wipe down any areas where paint in peeling
    • Let dry before painting
  • By hand -
    • Immerse a cloth in Netcoat and wipe on the entire surface
    • Let dry before painting