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Once metals have been degreased, cleaned, shot blasted or stripped they should be neutralised to ensure no possible contamination of further processes. Passivate TSN will ensure that ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces are ready for further processing.

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Passivate TSN is a liquid product suitable for for use with all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It has neutralising and degreasing properties, therefore passivating the metal surface by creating a thin inert layer, making it un-reactive.

Passivate TSN is used at very low concentrations with only a of 2-10% concentration required, ideally in a dip tank, depending on the material treated. Metal items should be immersed in Passivate TSN solution for 2 minutes before being rinsed and allowed to dry before further treatment. If required then the treatment tank can be heated to around 50oC however an ambient will suffice for many applications.

Passivate TSN is non-flammable and pH neutral.

After treatment, the metal should always be dried with pressurised or heated air.

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