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Ph regulator 1

pH Regulator

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£22.00 - £37.65 (ex.VAT)


Alter the pH of your waste water with our range of pH regulators.


Product Code: 0115
£22.00 ex.VAT
£26.40 inc.VAT

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Product Description

Pro-pH is our range of products for the altering of the pH in all types of waste water. The liquid solution is easily added, easily mixed and works quickly.

The range consists of two products; Pro pH+ and Pro pH-. Pro pH+ will increase the pH of your waste water so taking a reading from a strong acid to a weaker acid or even neutralising it, with Pro pH- doing the opposite and decreasing the pH reading.

When using we recommend adding slowly to ensure that the addition has mixed properly before continuing additions. If you are adding to a water circuit or where water is being pumped around a system then you should make slow and small additions allowing the water to mix before making extra additions if required. pH readings should be taken regularly to ensure the correct level is maintained.