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Degreasing Netphos HP

Netphos HP

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£59.00 (ex.VAT)


Netphos HP is a phosphating degreaser for use in spray tunnels or treatment tanks

Netphos HP - 23kg
Product Code: 0092
£59.00 ex.VAT
£70.80 inc.VAT

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Product Description

NETPHOS HP phosphating degreaser that has been designed to perform simultaneous degreasing and amorphous phosphating in either the vapor phase of treatment, so in a degreasing tunnel, or by immersion in a degreasing tank.

NETPHOS HP has the advantage, over many phosphating products, of being able to be used simultaneously with a variation of many different metal types including ferrous, light alloys, galvanized, electrogalvanized or stainless steel.