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Degreasing degrephos


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£28.00 - £50.00 (ex.VAT)


De-grease, phosphate and clean steel or light alloys. Can be used either heated or at ambient temperature.


Product Code: 0086
£28.00 ex.VAT
£33.60 inc.VAT

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Degrephos has been designed for no nonsense and effective de-greasing of steel or light alloys. It can be used in a number of ways at different temperatures and at different concentrations. It is a product that makes de-greasing easy.

Degrephos will eliminate surface rust on steel and will de-greases as well as phosphate your items giving a layer of protection against rusting. It is non flammable and can be used in a tank therefore submerging and soaking your items; you can apply Degrephos by spraying or even apply with a pressure washer/steam cleaner.

Degrephos can be used at a range of temperatures, including ambient, and concentrations which make it an excellent product choice for the pre-treatment of large parts that are unable to be contained within a traditional de-greasing machine or tunnel and for small pieces or small treatment/production runs.

Degrephos allows users to treat a wide variety of parts with a very low set-up and continuing treatment cost.

An added benefit to using this product is that the solution can be collected and recycled via our ASPIFLOC TS-HP filtration unit, so reducing the use of water and chemicals - vast economical and ecological benefits!