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Procart KH P

Product information

£57.72 - £63.94 (ex.VAT)


Our Procart KH P combines the best filtration that an extraction filter can offer with the easy installation of a panel filter.


Product Code: 0073
£63.94 ex.VAT
£76.73 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This is a combination of our Procart KH and a panel filter. This gives your spray booth excellent filtration and high paint holding capacity together with easy and clean changing. The multiple filtration layers of specialist paper plus the final layer of material mean that these panels can be used with a great variety of different paints and other types of coating.

Another benefit with these panels is the depth of the pockets which mean that you have a lot of filter in a small space. For example, the 595 x 595 x 250mm 3 pocket panel has a length of around 1.5-metres of filter (or around 0.9m2) per panel or, to put another way, you are getting around 3 times the filter area compared to the panel area. This means that your panels will last much longer and hold much more paint than the same filtration media laid flat across the area.

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