Detartrol NM

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Non-foaming descaler for wet spray booths, cooling & heating circuits

Detartrol NM - 20kg
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DETARTROL NM is our non-foaming, powerful descaling product to make the cleaning of your wet spray booth an easy and cost-effective process. It will soften paint and dissolve limescale meaning a better water flow around the system.

Detartrol NM is easy to use, simply add it to the booth water and allow it to work. Depending upon the type of installation and the amount of paint build-up within the tank, it may be advisable to empty the tank, and sludge, before refilling and starting treatment. The solution should be allowed to circulate for around 8 hours, but this can be spread across working shifts. Once complete the booth water and paint sludge should be removed and don't forget to clean the spray nozzles. Once clear of sludge, the system should be rinsed and flushed with clean water before being filled ready for use.

Having been cleaned you will notice not only the obvious such as clean back screens and tank but also an improved water pressure as the Detartrol will have softened and removed paint that, over time, has built-up within the system. This has reduced the water pressure and increased down-time through blockages and breakdowns.

Detartrol NM is designed to be used with our Proco range of booth coagulants that will allow your booth to be kept clear of paint build-up by allowing you to remove paint on a regular basis to suit your requirements.

Detartrol NM can also ne used within cooling towers, condensers and heating circuits.