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Procart KH

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Multiple layers of filtration paper plus a fibre layer. Higher paint holding capacity than fibreglass paint-stop so lasts longer and has better filtration.


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£98.96 ex.VAT
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Product Description

Our Procart KH spray booth filter combines very high paint holding capacity, multiple layers of shaped and formed Kraft paper which allows for very high paint holding capacity and the finest filtration of all types of solvent and water-based paints (powders, varnish, lacquers & glues).

Procart KH consists of 5 layers of formed filtration paper plus 1 layer of media = 6 layers

The Procart KH is the most viable replacement for our Profibre (also known as paint-stop) green & white fibreglass rolls as they offer superior filtration, are longer lasting, easier to store, non combustible, dust free & safer to handle.

When we say longer lasting we really do mean longer lasting. Our Procart K booth filters will last 2-3 times longer than paint-stop (Profibre) and last with no sufficient drop in airflow until the filter is full. One of the main, paint filtration, problems with paint-stop is that the airflow drops very quickly once spraying starts. Procart K maintains the airflow whilst holding the overspray so you can continue to use the filter until the maximum retention has been reached.


Fine Filtration - For water-based or solvent based products, thermosetting paints or lacquers the filtration efficiency is 96%.

Load Loss & Constant Air Flow - The design and composition of the Procart K allows them to maintain a low load loss and airflow drop regardless of how dirty the filters are. With very little air resistance the Procart K allows for free circulation of air.

Quality Guarantee - Our primary concern is the overall quality of our products. As such the manufacturing process for the Procart K is fully automatic which gives us the highest manufacturing standards and the best operating filters for you.

Environmentally Friendly - Our Procart K spray booth filters are produced from natural & biodegradable products only. Due to the high efficiency and high load capacity these filters are long lasting so fewer filters are required annually. A saving for you and the environment.

Easy to Use - The Procart K is manufactured from natural products. The Kraft paper used is easy to cut and easy to install. It is free from dust and there are no fibres to cause irritation that many suffer from when installing standard fibreglass filtration rolls. Another saving for you is space....each roll of Procart K is supplied boxed therefore making storage easier then bagged rolls.

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