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0699 seal kit

Seal Kit - FPM Sprayers

Product information

£17.56 (ex.VAT)


Serevice kit for our Metal and Stainless Steel sprayers with FPM seals

Single Kit
Product Code: 0699
£17.56 ex.VAT
£21.07 inc.VAT

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Product Description

This service kit contains 15 O-rings of various sizes, a valve cover and a compression tube collar all made from FPM therefore with high resistance to acid chemicals. These are the most highly used parts within a sprayer therefore would be required to be changed more frequently than any other part. This kit is a good addition to your sprayer as itt means that any damaged or worn part can be replaced, quickly, keeping you spraying and reducing any potential damage.

This kit is for our Inox Plus and Ferrox Plus compression sprayers.