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New generation, solvent free degreasing liquid for all types of surface

ECO-Klean - Degreaser 10 litres
Product Code: 0191
£42.00 ex.VAT
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Product Description

Eco-Klean is a new generation degreaser without nitrites so inert on fragile surfaces - non residual on ferrous and non ferrous metals, so can be followed by paint or treatment.

Its detergent and emulsifying action enables the degreasing and cleaning of surfaces with grease, sludge, different oils, general dirt etc without degradation of materials such as plastic, polycarbonate, composites, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, glass, thermosetting organic polymers.

Eco-Klean is the alternative to petroleum solvents and is particularly efficient for degreasing mechanical parts before paint or any support requiring a completely clean surface free from grease.

Eco-Klean is non corrosive, non caustic, non aggressive for the operator and the environment with a low level of VOCs. (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Eco-Klean can be applied to your surfaces in a number of ways to best suit your requirements. You can apply with a brush or cloth, use a dip tank or pressure washer. If you are planning to use Eco-Klean to degrease larger parts then applying with our specialist 10-Litre Cleaner Sprayer or 5-Litre Cleaner Sprayer makes for quick and easy application before being wiped or washed from the surface.