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Sprayer Lance Conical Hood

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£10.70 (ex.VAT)


Conical hood to reduce spray drift and waste of product. Excellent for directing spray. Goizper range only.

Sprayer Lance Conical Hood
Product Code: 0164
£10.70 ex.VAT
£12.84 inc.VAT

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This is a conical shaped hood for use with all of our compression sprayers, knapsack sprayers or backpack sprayers within the Goziper range. It is excellent for directing spray away from plants etc and also cost effective as more spray is applied where needed. It also helps to protect the worker from spray drift.

This hood is also ideal for use with all of our compression and backpack sprayers as well as our telescopic extension lances; please note that our Directional Extension Tube is also required to fit the hood to the telescopic lance. By just unscrewing the bush at the nozzle end, this hood can be added and the flexible nozzle will direct the spray where required.

We also offer a Rectangular Spray Hood.