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Unblocker - drains, gutters - liquid 1 litre

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£10.99 (ex.VAT)


Unblock and clean downpipes, drains and gutters - liquid formulation

Unblocker - drains, gutters - liquid 1 litre
Product Code: 0387
£10.99 ex.VAT
£13.19 inc.VAT

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Debouchnet attacks and breaks down all organic matter such as hair, leaves, grease, soap, limescale, paper etc without attacking enamel and pipe materials such as plastic.


The amount to add depends upon the size of pipe or opening that is being treated. For a standard size sink, pour approximately 25ml slowly into the pipe opening. Leave to act for a minimum of 30-minutes (or overnight in very difficult cases) before rinsing thoroughly. If there is standing water then add approxiamtely 500ml.

Do not mix with any other chemical solution.

Debouchnet contains caustic soda - we strongly recommend that you wear protective clothing for hands, eyes and face. Keep away from children. Remove soiled clothing immediately.