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Powerful surface degreaser and cleaner that can be used on building facades and roofs as well as for cleaning spray equipment.


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SP260 is a universal detergent for cleaning and degreasing both in construction and around the home.

It contains a surfactant, that is very effective at ambient temperature, and is very effective at eliminating oils, sludge, animal & vegetable fats, soot and many other deposits. SP260 does not attack non-ferrous metals.

SP260 is authorised for use in contact with food preparation surfaces. Its components are on the authorised list for cleaning containers that are in contact with foodstuffs. It is also a very effective cleaner of building roofs facades, removing atmospheric pollution and staining. After treatment surfaces should be rinsed with clean water.

SP260 can also be used for cleaning spray equipment, such as when having used a water repellent such as Hydrosil. Dilute in water at a concentration of 5-10%.

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