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R132 - Car Wax 5 litres

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£25.15 (ex.VAT)


Concentrated, water repellent wax that can be used on all types of vehicle

R132 - Car Wax 5 litres
Product Code: 0401
£25.15 ex.VAT
£30.18 inc.VAT

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R132 is a concentrated professional valeting vehicle and car water repellent wax rinse that can be used on all vehicles even in industrial environments such as cars, lorries and agricultural machinery.

R132 allows for quick and easy application as it is diluted within the final rinse water so the extra shine and protection for your paintwork doesn't require any more work than a normal wash. This means that there is no need to dry your car before waxing.

R132 should be diluted in clean water at a concentration of 3% if rinsing by hand. If using a high-pressure hose then the concentration should be 2% within the holding tank.