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Spray booth water separated

Proco 416P

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Proco 416P is a coagulant & flocculant combined into one powder and is recommended for use with water-based glues such a PVA.

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£142.93 ex.VAT
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Product Description

Our Proco 416P is a coagulant & flocculant combined into a single product. Designed to be used with a wide range of water-based glues and is easy to use and easy to mix. As this is a powder there are no spillage issues or other handling complications that can arise with liquids.

Our range of powder water treatment products are designed to be used with water that has been generated by a cleaning process such as booth cleaning, machine cleaning or hose flushing as well as many other operations. It is not designed to be used as an addition to a standard design spray booth, for this we recommend our liquid products Proco, Proco 301 and Proflo+. This doesn't mean that spray booth water can't be treated with Proco 410P just that the water should be pumped into a tank for treatment then returned to the spray booth after filtering.

Proco 416P is added to the contaminated water and the water should be stirred to ensure complete mixing. Once the separation is complete the solution can be filtered to remove the solids and the water recycled and put back into the cleaning process, used elsewhere for cleaning or disposed.

The actual process remains the same whatever the volume of water being treated but the mixing will differ. We have customers that will collect and treat their water in 20 litre drums, 200 litre drums right up to those that use our Fusion 800 mixing tanks.

See a demonstration of our Proco 410P

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