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Paintstop water 100 1

Propora 50mm

Product information

£34.39 - £73.36 (ex.VAT)


Purple & white spray booth fibreglass filter roll for water based paints.


Product Code: 0251
£34.39 ex.VAT
£41.27 inc.VAT

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Additional details

  • Suitable for water-based coatings
  • Finer filtration
  • Higher paint holding capacity
  • Can be used with all types of paint

Product Description

As water-based paint can consists of 10% solvent and 90% water it is obvious that a different spray booth filter is required to work effectively when compared to solvent-based paints.

Our PROPORA booth filter is a filter media especially designed for the filtration of fine, dry water-based particles. In comparison to our Profibre, the Propora is constructed of much finer fibres that are more able to filter the finest water-based paint particles far more efficiently. A special binder, gives more elasticity to these fibres, so that the initial pressure drop and consequently your energy costs are kept low. The paint holding-capacity is also substantially increased, when compared with the standard fibreglass material, by the progressive structure of the media and by a harmless binding-agent that is impregnated throughout the filtermedia.

The benefits of Propora:

  • Effective protection of the motor as well as the exhaust ducts.
  • Low pressure drop produces cost savings due to a solid stability of the filter media.
  • Extremely long service life, increasing your profits and reducing your down-time and waste.

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