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Metal preperation handwipe

SPCB Anti-Spatter

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£26.00 - £380.00 (ex.VAT)


Prevents welding deposits sticking to metal once cooled.


Product Code: 0097
£26.00 ex.VAT
£31.20 inc.VAT

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SPCB Anti-Spatter stops welding deposits sticking to metal once it cools. These small lumps on the finished products are unsightly and can lead to rejects. Anti-Spatter also improves paint adherence to the weld.

This product will not contaminate degreasing baths and will allow complete degreasing leaving no deposits.

Safe, water-based, non-solvent, silicone free

Apply by spray or brush around the area to be welded. Allow to cool before wiping/brushing any residue.