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Spray booth water separated 2


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£44.69 (ex.VAT)


Professional liquid flocculant for use in all types of waste water. Works in conjunction with our Proco range to pull separated particles together making removal easier & quicker.

10 litres
Product Code: 0069
£44.69 ex.VAT
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Product Description

Proflo+ is normally used in conjunction with our Proco range of products to enable the separation of paint, lacquer, glue etc. from industrial water. Once separated the solids can be removed either manually, by skimming the surface of the water, or by filtration.

When using these products together you will be able to clean your waste water. If this water is within a spray booth then the booth will be running on clean water meaning that blockages and cleaning downtime are a thing of the past. As is disposing of the water. As you are removing waste, it is not sitting in the booth therefore you can continue to use the same water. No more expensive water disposal costs and no more wasting fresh water. Simply recycle and use the water over & over again. If the water is produced by a cleaning or flushing process then you will no longer have to store the water whilst it waits for expensive disposal. Once treated and filtered, the water can possibly be put back into the cleaning or flushing process so, once again, saving water by recycling.

The working concentration of Proflo+ can vary depending upon the type of waste it is being used to treat. Generally it is used at around 0.6% of the total water volume and, if being used within an installation, this concentration is maintained with daily or automated doses.

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