Waste Filtration

Filtration Sack1

Our unique range of Aspifloc Filtration Sacks give dependable, double wall filtration of your industrial sludge and other waste including spray booth overspray, degreasing solutions and most other types of industrial waste including solids.

The bags enable you to filter sludge and other waste and recover the wastewater. Once recovered the water can be recycled, with the use of our treatment products, reducing waste, reducing consumption and reducing disposal costs.

The internal, hand sewn, filtration envelope will hold fine particles such as paint, glues, hydrocarbons, oils and other suspended matter. The choice of the thickness of this envelope, from 35μm to 400μm, gives you the ability to have the filtration sack that best suits the particle size of your waste. With the correct filtration sack in use, the filtration time of 1000-litres varies from around 10-minutes to 40-minutes.

With an outer skin of polypropylene, these sacks have a storage capacity of up to 1500kg, depending upon the nature of the waste. Professionally sewn, the sacks guarantee excellent loaded resistance.

Very simple and easy to use, these sacks will save you a lot of time handling your waste thanks to the reduction in volume and weight of the waste being disposed. Moving the sacks is easy and safe as there are four lifting straps and a covering skirt with tie to ensure the contents are sealed. There is also a document pocket for easy tracking.

Aspifloc Filtration Sack MV

350 - 400µm waste filtration sack