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Group 10
Pressurised Water Tank

Sprayers & Brushes

Welcome to our tools section in which you will find our range of professional quality sprayers as well as our range of wire/bristle brooms & brushes and our Grass Trimmer Heads/Bevel Brushes.

We have split our sprayers into groups so that you can easily find the unit that you need. These groups are Pressurised Water Tanks & Water Syphons - here you will find compression tanks to supply water to plant equipment such as grinders & cutters and tanks to syphon liquids from hard to reach areas such as engines or the bottom of tanks. Backpack Sprayers, Foaming Sprayers, Steel & Stainless Steel Sprayers and, finally, sprayers for Professional Pest Control. There are also groups for our range of Telescopic Lances & Lance Extensions and Accessories & Spares.