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Group 10
Spray booth water

Water Treatment

Here you will find our products for the treatment of water in wet spray booths, waste washing water, industrial flushing water and any other water that is contaminated with paint, glue, lacquers, cement and other material. We can even treat the water from industrial washing machines.

There is no need to dispose many types of industrial water as it can be cleaned, filtered and re-used. Our systems allow all of our customers both flexibility and the ability to eliminate the disposal of water from spray booths or from many cleaning processes. The water can be easily treated, filtered to remove waste then the water can continue to be used either in a spray booth or returned to a cleaning process. If reducing water waste is something that you want your company to do then we can discuss your needs and start the saving process.

You can also see our range of descaling products for the cleaning and removal of deposits including oil and scale from industrial de-greasing plant and machines right through to the removal of scale from heating systems and even commercial coffee machines.