Filtration of Wool Dye Washing Water


SPCB helps The Little Grey Sheep company to treat and reuse the waste water from washing wool used to produce yarn


The Little Grey Sheep company produces quality yarns from the wool of their own managed flock of sheep. With so many colours of dye being used, the waste rinsing water soon accumulates and as the company is keen to be as ecologically friendly as possible, they contacted SPCB for a solution to treat and reuse the water.


As usual, we conducted a few personalised tests on different water samples in our laboratory just to be sure to supply the best coagulation solution from our range. Our Proco powder cleared the water so that it could be reused for washing more wool without leaving behind any traces of the previous colour and without damaging the material. The sludge left behind was denaturised, so non-sticky for disposal.


Our technician then visited the Little Grey Sheep company on the Surrey/Hampshire borders to set up a small filtration system that would be most effective and cost efficient and train personnel on site at no extra charge. A small unit was installed holding a fine filtration sack for draining the water solution after treating in a bucket.


For a very small set-up cost and minimal ongoing expense, the company is now able to re-use their waste water to wash wool before dyeing and between colours, saving water, disposal costs and helping the environment.


If you are also interested in discussing the treatment of waste water, please contact us.