Range Of Uses For Our Bigfloc


Our Bigfloc is a very effective and space saving solution for the removal of suspended particles and all types of solids from industrial and agricultural water. The Aspifloc filtration sack, suspended within the Bigfloc, will remove all unwanted particles and our range of sacks can filter anything from 20 microns all the way up to 400 microns.


For many types of industrial water, there will need to be a treatment undertaken in order to coagulate or separate the solids so that they become suspended in the water and are able to be filtered and removed. Our Proco range can be added to all types of waste water in order for that separation to take place such as water contaminated with paint, lacquer, glue, degreasing solutions, resin, NDT & stains.


But the Bigfloc isn’t restricted to just chemical contaminants. We have customers who use the system to filter metal swarf, plastic pellets, food production waste, aggregate, glass and even soil so almost anything can be filtered that could stop your wastewater from being either reusable, or clean enough to dispose to drain. The Bigfloc and Aspifloc sacks have also been used, by many, to hold solid waste whilst allowing moisture to drain through the sack.



Our range of Aspifloc filtration sacks are able to remove solids from any wastewater, from 20 all the way to 400 microns in size and have a hold capacity of 1000kg and dimensions of 96x96x110cm, giving a whole cubic metre so you have plenty of space and capability for whatever use you see fit.

We can incorporate the Bigfloc into our treatment & filtration systems so if the Bigfloc on its own isn’t suited to your particular needs then we can include mixing tanks, pumps, and pressurised filtration systems to ensure you have the final quality of water you require.

Basically, in all of the companies that we have visited, we have noticed a range of filtration opportunities for which we are able to recommend our Bigfloc. Take a look around your warehouse – unhappy with how much water you’re paying for? Tired of tediously removing small objects from your waste? Using large and overcomplicated machinery to drain your sludge and solutions? Give our Bigfloc a try. For space saving, money saving, time saving solutions.

All industrial businesses can filter their waste water, if not for the drainage and the
environments sake, for their personal reuse, and therefore to save money and resources. See our variety of blog posts on our dedicated Aspifloc site for so much more information as to why the filtration is important for companies, their resources, the environment, and your wallet.